The FHSA Handbook addresses items unique to our school. The information in the handbook can be reviewed or downloaded from this website. The following is are few items that can be found in this handbook:

  • Uniform Requirements
  • Indoor Jacket Requirements
  • Visitor's Policy
  • Tardy Policy
  • Early Checkout Policy
  • Checkout Procedures
  • Lunch Visitor Information
  • Technology Infraction Matrix
  • Cell Phone Policy

Change of Address/Phone Numbers

One of the greatest problems schools may have during the day is locating parents in the event of an emergency. This may occur due to changes in phone numbers or workplaces, or authorized individuals and parents forgetting to notify the office in the event of changes. The importance of maintaining updated information cannot be overemphasized. During registration you will receive an information form to complete. Having this information returned correctly is of the utmost importance. A copy of this record is kept in the school office in case you need to be contacted. Please make sure your home telephone, cell numbers, and addresses are accurate and clearly written. Remember to list the names and addresses of several people who can be contacted in case you cannot be reached. Only persons listed on the form will be allowed to check out your child/children.

Doctors/emergency rooms will not treat children without their parents’ consent, and in the event of an emergency we must be able to reach parents.

Address and phone number changes can be made in the school office with Ms. Latoya Lamb.

Visitors Policy

The school’s security plan requires all visitors to the campus, including parents, to sign in at the front office. All visitors must sign in and take a visitor sticker. The school’s security plan has been established to protect the students and staff from the danger of an unauthorized person on the campus. For the safety of all students and staff, please comply with this plan.

Student learning time is a priority and classroom interruptions must be kept to a minimum. Please take the time to ensure your child has his/her lunch, backpacks, and/or homework prior to leaving home. When students are contacted in their room for these items, it can be a distraction to the entire classroom.

Click here to access the FHSA Handbook.

Little Rock School District Handbook