Testing FAQs

Contacts- laura.gowan@lrsd.org  ashley.harris@lrsd.org Mrs. Meabon at 447-2703.

Q: If I have a middle school and elementary school student, can one child remain virtual if their sibling is testing?

A: Yes, only students who are testing should come to campus. Reminder, transitioning to virtual is a request, it is not mandatory during testing.

Q: Does my child have to wear a uniform when they come for testing:

A: Yes, all FHSA students are required to wear a uniform while on campus.

Q: I cannot keep my in-person child home for virtual testing days. Can he/she come to school?

A: Yes. However, he/she will not remain in their classroom while virtual students are testing.

Q: Can my child use their personal device from home?

A: No. All students must test on an LRSD HP device. (If you have not notified the testing coordinators that your student is in need of a device, please do this immediately.)

Q: I still have questions, who can I contact?

A: Please contact laura.gowan@lrsd.org or ashley.harris@lrsd.org. Or call Mrs. Meabon at 447-2703.

6th -8th Testing dates:

In-person Students: April 5th- 8th; Return to campus April 15th

Virtual Students (on-campus): April 12th-14th

6th-8th grade Virtual Instruction during testing -April 12th- 14th


3rd-5thTesting dates:

In-person Students: April 19th-22nd; Return to campus April 29th

Virtual Students (on-campus): April 26th- 28th

3rd-5th grade Virtual Instruction during testing -April 26th- 28th