Open Enrollment is November 28- December 9, 2022

You may register using the new Gateway online portal

Students will enroll in the Forest Heights STEM Academy starting in kindergarten and remain there until they transition to the ninth grade. All students will be expected to wear uniforms. Acceptance into the Forest Heights STEM Academy involves a commitment from both parents and students. Parents will be expected to be active partners in their child’s education and will be asked to help with a variety of projects and activities. 


At FHSA we are building leaders, innovators, and problem-solvers, one mind at a time


The mission of Forest Heights STEM Academy (FHSA) is to prepare students to compete in our global economy by equipping them with skills that are not confined and isolated within one discipline but are found between and across the disciplines of science, technology, engineering, and math. Students will participate in STEM projects acting as scientists, engineers, and mathematicians as they design and conduct learning projects and then communicate their results.


The goals of Forest Heights STEM Academy's rigorous STEM-infused academic structure are to:

  • Create student interest in education and careers, specifically in STEM-related fields

  • Develop a school culture focused on active learning, problem-solving, and academic success