Specific skills and concepts from various subject areas are stressed at each grade level. To be eligible for academic promotion students must:

  • Perform daily activities.

  • Spend a minimum time each night on assigned homework.

  • Master targeted skills and concepts based on the Common Core Curriculum. FHSA students are expected to make their best effort in all areas of the school curriculum. Our staff believes that effort and achievement by students should be recognized as follows:

  • Honor Roll Incentives each nine-week period.

  • Each semester students will be rewarded for earning Honor Roll and Perfect Attendance


Students at FHSA have an opportunity to begin taking accelerated math in 7th grade and physical science in 8th grade. Students should begin preparing for these classes as early as 5th grade. The pacing for these courses is advanced, rigorous, and above-grade-level. Students who are not eligible for accelerated classes may still qualify for Pre-AP classes.

For the accelerated math option and assignment at the beginning of 7th grade, the criteria are based on the following: performance in 6th-grade math, recommendation of 6th-grade math teacher, performance on past standardized tests, and performance on Scholastic Math Inventory. After successful completion of 7th Grade Accelerated Math, students can be placed in Algebra 1, a high school credit course, for 8th grade.

For placement in physical science, a high school credit course, in the 8th grade, students must have successfully completed Accelerated 7th Math and be enrolled in Algebra 1 in addition to meeting the following criteria: performance in 6th-grade math/science class, recommendations from 6th and 7th-grade math/science teachers, performance on past math/science standardized tests. For more information on the process, please contact your student’s math teacher, science teacher, or the middle school counselor.


nterim reports are posted to HAC during the 5th week of each 9-week period for children working below their capacity and/or below 70%. Report cards are posted to HAC every 9 weeks. Report cards indicate students’ progress made toward mastering required curriculum, citizenship, and social skills. Parents may request a copy of the report card through the front office.

Grading Scale

90 - 100% = A

80 - 89% = B

70 - 79% = C

60 - 69% = D

59 - Below = F

A parent conference is required after every unfavorable interim report and when a “D” or “F” is recorded on the report card.