Forest Heights STEM Academy

5901 Evergreen Drive
Little Rock, AR 72205

I have questions about… Who to Contact Contact Information
Grades/Homework/Supplies/Curriculum Student/Classroom teacher/grade level team http://www.forestheightsstem.com/staff
Attendance & HAC Latoya Lamb Latoya.gray@lrsd.org
Discipline/Behavior Concerns Assistant Principals, Nick Anderson or Barbara Kirkpatrick Nickolous.anderson@lrsd.org Barbara.kirkpartick@lrsd.org
Personal, family, or peer relationship issues Counselors, K-5 Yolanda Shelton & 6-8 Martha Christie Yolanda.shelton@lrsd.org Martha.christie@lrsd.org
Schedules (Middle School) Martha Christie Martha.christie@lrsd.org
Clubs Club Sponsors http://www.forestheightsstem.com/clubs--58
Field Trips Event Sponsors http://www.forestheightsstem.com/staff
STEM Activities, School-wide STEM Program STEM Coordinator, Amber Harbin Amber.harbin@lrsd.org
Yearbook & School Pictures Amber Harbin Amber.harbin@lrsd.org
Technology Issues/Concerns Instructional Technology Specialist, Ashley Harris Ashley.harris@lrsd.org
Gifted and Talented Laura Gowan Laura.gowan@lrsd.org
Family and Parental Involvement Laura Gowan Laura.gowan@lrsd.org
PTSA Lee Smith
Sports Brandon Randle Brandon.randle@lrsd.org
Principal’s Sectary Erica Meabon Erica.meabon@lrsd.org
Band & Orchestra Shauna Thomas Shauna.thomas@lrsd.org
Choir Satia Spencer/Cory Olson