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We're excited to announce a partnership with Kawaii Boba House LR. Here's how it works:

1- Students obtain the certificate from the FHSA Library Media Center
(Receive after you submit your first book for the Book Cover Reading Challenge until May 12 and TBA after May 12 through summer)

2 - Read 3 "just right" books* and discuss with an adult or 
Until May 12, Submit What You Have Read and Discussed with an Adult This Semester 

3 - Get a signature from your teacher of library staff (ask about parent option in the summer)

4 - After 3 books marked and authorized signature, 
visit Kawaii Boba House to order and enjoy your Boba Tea
(certificates should be left with the cashier for library staff pick-up)

*Just Right books are those recommended by teacher, library staff and/or in your ZPD (reading range).  Ask for assistance in the library.  Find challenge and reading level details on the Library Schoology Page (Code: 7QWH-T2DV-HHTPN).