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Parents and Guardians, 

Forest Heights is proud to continue offering 1-to-1 technology to our students. We are committed to integrating technology to increase the velocity of student learning. The International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) Standards requires students to be empowered, innovative, and global learners. This is made possible with the consistent integration of technology to promote analytical thinking, knowledge of digital resources, and use of digital media to prepare students for the current digital age of our world. An essential part in maintaining our efforts includes insuring Chromebooks. With frequent use, the likelihood of possible damage increases. 

We would like for you to consider purchasing insurance as a safeguard. For the cost of $26 per year, a HP Chromebook is covered for manufacturer defects, mechanical/hardware failure, drops/spills, liquid damage, cracked screens, and power surges. If you choose to decline insurance, the cost for repairing a device will be billed to the family of the student responsible should an incident occur. Costs for repairs can easily exceed $26. To avoid this, we highly encourage all parents and guardians to purchase device insurance. Payments can be made through the district’s pay portal website. FHSA cannot accept payments. Additional step-by-step directions can be found at under the documents tab for school-wide information.  Please contact our Instructional Technology Specialist, Ashley Harris if you have any questions or concerns. She can be reached via email or by phone 447-2773. Thank you for all that you do to make FHSA an amazing environment for students to thrive!

Pay Portal Website

  • Select Other ----Instructional Technology

  • Choose the school name to make the payment.

*At this time insurance is only available for HP Chromebooks.